Live Space Finder

Live Space Availability

OccupEye’s new Live Space Finder solution offers organisations the opportunity to display interactive signs near entrance halls, foyers and reception areas in any type of building. The real-time information is linked to floor plans and accessible through smart devices, allowing employees to locate available desks, meeting and conference rooms with ease.Live Space Finder Screen

With the latest global statistics from Cushman & Wakefield suggesting that the cost per workspace is increasing every year, more and more organisations are introducing “smart working”. Through optimising vital workspace by hot-desking, agile and flexible working, businesses seek to save money by reducing property running costs. Additionally, it is accepted that there has been a major shift in workplace management and operations in recent years. According to New Ways of Working, “businesses everywhere are looking for ways to improve employee satisfaction and retention, adding flexibility to offices”. The Agile Organisation explains that businesses are empowering employees to work where, when and how they choose; this approach is based on the concept that work is an activity we do, rather than a place to which we go (source: Employers’ Network for Equality & Inclusion).

The introduction of new working styles mean that employees, particularly those in larger organisations, face a challenge to instantly locate available workspaces and meeting rooms. For example, if your company has 500 employees spread across 5 floors, finding a free desk will inevitably become a time-consuming task for your staff. We have also found that similar issues prevail with students in the education sector, in regard to efficient use of study space within university libraries (Download the Birkbeck, University of London case study which details the impact of our Live Space Finder solution).

Features & benefits

Establish which workspaces and rooms are free before entering the building!

Through OccupEye’s web-based portal, users can enjoy full access to real-time information via all smart devices, laptops and computer; this means that staff can go straight to the floor/s with available seats.

Enhances staff and visitor experience

With up-to-the-minute information, employees and visitors alike will benefit from looking at a screen on entry and knowing immediately where spaces are available; saving valuable time.

Highly accurate analytics and reporting

The Live Space Finder solution will provide clients with highly accurate data and reports, indicating when the building is utilised most frequently. As a result, real estates, facilities and energy managers can evaluate when there is a surge in demand and make informed decisions about layout, expansion and energy usage.

Display and branding reinforcement

Live Space Finder gives clients the freedom to embed its organisation’s logo and colour themes within the live display, allowing it to blend into the firm’s corporate identity.

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