OccupEye Flow™

Our people counting system, OccupEye Flow™ will allow timetabling managers to automatically count the number of students attending lectures, seminars and class-rooms. The highly accurate data is available instantaneously and will provide the timetabling staff with crucial statistics regarding attendance levels and space usage.

Comments from John Crook, Head of Timetabling at Imperial College London:
 “At Imperial, we are keen to develop the quantity and quality of business intelligence related to space use. We see the deployment of lecture theatre people counters as a key part of this objective. The OccupEye dashboard provides us with live running information which is proving useful operationally and we have worked with the supplier to produce sector-specific reports on frequency, occupancy and utilisation. For us, this is where the real value lies. Although the rollout was limited to our 10 largest spaces, we are currently considering a second rollout in order to build on the success to date.”

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