Leaner and Greener II: Putting Buildings to Work

leaner-and-greener-2Tough economic times mean we need to rethink the way we deliver public services.
Maintaining the best possible outcomes is only possible if we’re also making savings at
the same time.

This timely report shows that it’s possible to do this, provided we view the £370 billion
of property owned by the public sector in a radically different way. In the past public
sector property has been treated as an asset, but it’s more accurately thought of as a

Public sector organisations need to become more efficient to meet economic and
environmental challenges while continuing to improve service delivery. The sector can
achieve much of this by rationalising its property portfolio, working in partnerships and
improving workplace conditions.

In the recently published Leaner and Greener II: Putting Buildings to Work report, Inquiry Chair, Matthew Hancock MP states in his foreword;

Co-locating services in the same building reduces overall running costs but it also means people from different departments talk face-to-face on a daily basis. 

The report further goes on to mention;

 The research also shows that there are huge incentives to plan space reductions alongside more flexible working practices.

The Forum should aim to implement property rationalisation opportunities in a locality on a project-by-project basis.

AssetCapture OEA™ – Occupancy Efficiency Assessment, is already helping local government achieve these efficiency savings.

Cad-Capture’s AssetCapture OEA™ utility is an invaluable tool in the process of making sense of your property utilisation data. As well as offering a range of visually striking reporting options, the utility’s detailed financial element adds weight and relevance to your decisions, as we all strive to achieve maximum efficiency.
Westminster City Council

Key Recommendations

Recommendation 7

The Local Strategic Property Forums should create a common database of local property, services and contractual arrangements that can be accessed and updated by all partners for the storing, mapping and viewing of asset data for strategic decision making.

Recommendation 8

Local Strategic Property Forums should aim to implement quickly executable common property rationalisation projects and other collaborative saving opportunities to demonstrate the viability of the partnership and to provide intermediate steps prior to achieving further benefits.

Recommendation 12

Public sector organisations should consider utilising private sector expertise and capital resources to enhance their capacity and increase the speed of execution in delivering public sector property partnerships and estate rationalisation.

With AssetCapture OEA at your fingertips, gone is the need to commit internal resource to time-consuming new surveys, and gone are the days of guesswork and generalisation.

To see how Cad-Capture’s OEA™ utility can assist you in achieving the recommendations in the report follow the following links:

AssetCapture OEA Datasheet – Download

Report Overview – Leaner and Greener: Putting Buildings to Work

Official Report – Leaner and Greener: Delivering Effective Estate Management – Download (PDF – 3.5MB)

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