AMP Database Management

Complementing the many services and solutions that OccupEye provides, clients are also able to call upon the vast experience and expertise of our staff through various consultancy options. From free advice on basic issues, to strategy guidance and implementation, we are always happy to help.

Our Asset Management Plans (AMP) have been developed to manage estates efficiently. All estate managers have the responsibility to develop and maintain their asset management plans. These plans play a crucial part in buildings future development plans.

Benefits of asset management plans:

  • Asset management plans provide estate managers/governors with a basis for making spending decisions.
  • Development plans can be improved
  • More evidence to support the funding for more  premises
  • Development plans are backed up by reliable asset management plans

OccupEye also provide data base management for asset management plans. We have ability to produce or enhance data ready for synchronisation with a vast array of popular Asset Management Database Systems. This is a key driver in why so many organisations select us as a partner. This key data link creates a consistency that can realise significant time and cost savings.

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