Place Planning & Vacancy Reporting

Place Planning

OccupEye’s education services work with schools to ensure that they have realistic and accurate place planning. This means that schools have the correct knowledge of how many spaces they have available each year. Our surveys will allow estate managers to see and understand how many students can be taught within a school without overcrowding.

The demand for school places is affected by a range of factors including:

  • Birth rates and population movements
  • School standards
  • Popularity of schools
  • Location
  • Mobility

Our place planning services allow schools to understand how many places they have provide based on these factors.

Vacancy Reporting

As well as place planning, OccupEye offer a range of services which allows schools to report their pupil vacancies. By undertaking place planning, schools will be able to report where and when they have vacancies for more pupils to attend their school.


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