Suitability & Sufficiency (Net Capacity)

With over 30 years’ experience in the sector, OccupEye has developed a uniquely comprehensive range of specialist education services that help Local Authorities, Schools and Universities to capture, integrate and assess crucial property data.

Suitability Surveys

OccupEye’s Suitability Surveys are undertaken in accordance with DfE guidance and provide an assessment of the school’s estate, ensuring that facilities meet the highest possible standards for pupils, teachers and other staff alike.

Our specialist team of surveyors work on a room by room basis, providing the highest quality survey. These allow estate managers to understand whether the school buildings are performing well and operating efficiently.

We work closely with site managers and staff members throughout the surveying process, ensuring all details are recorded on the DfE suitability assessment form and that no disruption is caused to the school and teachers.


We assess the suitability of a school based on various factors, including:

  • Size / shape – the size of pupil groups and guidance on suitable room sizes for different group numbers
  • Environment – temperature control, adequate ventilation, amount of lighting and quality of acoustics
  • Location – convenience and distance between classrooms, teaching spaces and external campus
  • Fixed furniture – suitability and adequacy of fittings and fixed furniture
  • ICT Infrastructure – arrangement of ICT equipment such as power supplies, data links, network points, WIFI infrastructure etc.
  • Health & safety and security issues

Sufficiency Surveys (Net Capacity)

The Department for Education requires documentation of each school’s net capacity in order to establish whether they are over or under their available capacity. The overall aim of Sufficiency Surveys is to determine the intake limit for the school.

Understanding whether a school’s space is sufficient for its purpose is vital in ensuring the smooth and efficient running of any school. Over time, the purpose of a building can change without any alterations to the premises’ physical characteristics. OccupEye’s Sufficiency Surveys allow estate managers to establish where more or less space is required within the property footprint.

In accordance with DfE guidance, our experienced team of surveyors will carry out high quality internal and external surveys. They will assess whether the space within your school is sufficient, based on factors such as:

  • Are the classrooms sufficient enough for their purpose?
  • Are the classrooms oversized for their purpose?
  • Is the outside space sufficient for its purpose?
  • Is the outside space oversized for its purpose?

The sufficiency data can be used to populate DfE Net Capacity Assessment forms.


AssetCapture NCS™

OccupEye provides a unique solution to automatically populate the DfE Net Capacity Assessment forms directly from CAD plans and/or Excel spreadsheets. AssetCapture NCS™ has been created to save valuable time and money, moving away from the old process of entering data manually. For further information on AssetCapture NCS™ click here.

“It used to take six months to update our Net Capacity spreadsheets for the DfE submission. With OccupEye’s solution, I can do the whole lot myself in a single morning!”

John McIntyre, Manchester City Council, Children’s Services

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