Welsh Schools Capacity Assessment

Measuring the Capacity of Schools in Wales

In July 2006, the National Assembly for Wales issued its guidance “Measuring the Capacity of Schools in Wales”, together with proforma Capacity Assessment spreadsheets for primary and secondary schools.

OccupEye provides a unique solution to automatically populate the Capacity Assessment spreadsheets directly from CAD floor plans. Both Welsh and English language versions are available. For the past six years, OccupEye has been expertly providing similar capacity calculations for many Local Authorities in England under DfES* guidelines.

The capacity of a school is the number of pupils it can accommodate. This guidance together with the spreadsheets provides the method to derive the capacity of primary and secondary schools and the appropriate admission numbers. This method can be used immediately to report on surplus capacity, where it is intended to change an existing standard number (by publishing a statutory proposal) before 2008-09 admissions round, and for planning school places.

The process of gathering the capacity information and entering it manually is laborious and prone to error. OccupEye’s solution generates accurate Capacity Assessment Spreadsheets in seconds, with no room for error, providing the CAD floor plans are up to date.

A number of Local Authorities are already benefiting from OccupEye’s solution and have found the speed, accuracy, convenience and cost savings to be unbeatable. This solution is available as licensed software or as a service.

About Asset Management Planning

Asset Management Planning processes and the underlying data provide a basis for making decisions on spending priorities. AMPs are key plans in terms of ensuring overall best value and improvements in standards from capital investment in buildings.

For further information on Asset Management Planning in UK education please visit:

www.wales.gov.uk, www.scottish-schools.gov.uk and www.education.gov.uk

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