Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Building Information Modelling is revolutionising the way we capture, design and present property information. At OccupEye, we strive to offer our clients the best and most up-to-date solution.

Using the latest 3D laser scanning technology, our highly skilled surveyors and Revit team are able to capture and produce dynamic 3D representations of your property assets into an intelligent’ model. We can provide BIM models on new builds, existing buildings and land administration.


Why use our BIM service?

Our experience

With over 25 years’ of industry-leading knowledge, our expertise in data management is unrivaled. By working closely with all our clients, we are able to deliver consistent, high quality work in order to meet their project objectives and requirements.

Highly detailed models

At OccupEye, we only provide quality data and all our 3D models are delivered in an intelligent format. This contains incredible amounts of asset detail including fire, lighting, power, mechanical and electrical information. The asset information can be viewed, stored or even extracted and populated into a range of asset management systems.

Quick results

Using the very latest technology and software, our surveyors and Revit team are able to collect and design your building information with speed, accurancy and efficiency. This process saves both valuable time and money.

Overall project cost reduced

The end result from our 3D model will enable you to view the building and its contents from all angles, revealing any construction or design flaws at earlier stages. This allows for any corrections to be made instantly saving time and costly change orders.

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