CAD Conversion Services

Cad-Capture has over 30 years’ experience in CAD (Computer Aided Design) conversion which will allow engineers, designers, architects and planners to input existing hand-drawn plans into their CAD system allowing convenient storage, enhancement and modification. This is also known as raster to vector conversion and is available for large or small projects.


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Cad-Capture can convert all types of drawings regardless of their condition and size:

  • Architectural plan conversion
  • Engineering plan conversion
  • Mechanical plan conversion
  • Civil plan conversion
  • Machine drawings conversion
  • Historical archives conversion
  • Construction document conversion
  • Utility plan conversion
  • Site plan conversion

You can either provide us with your original drawings or scan them and forward the images by e-mail. We will then manually convert the paper or image into an accurate, fully structured CAD or PDF file of the highest quality.

*Once your drawings are received they will be scanned and then we will return your originals to you. However, we can also arrange for them to be destroyed confidentially, at an additional charge, if required.

We can offer a fixed rate per drawing dependent upon size, or alternatively we can quote based on an hourly rate.

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