GIS Services

Data Scanning

With more than 20 years experience of scanning, Cad-Capture is in a unique position for undertaking the type of project to scan whatever records exist. A multitude of drawing formats will be uncovered and require scanning, from Microfilm to Linen drawings, Cad-Capture can scan them all. Taking the drawings off-site not an option? We can scan on-site, or at our central office, increasing the options available to our clients. At all stages, looking to save you from unnecessary costs, we can target specific documents for scanning.

Data Capture

Cad-Capture is renowned for its CAD and GIS services including drafting, digitising, data capture and quality control. The aim of this line of business is to help organisations that need to get hardcopy plans and scan into CAD and GIS formats. Using techniques developed over the years, Cad-Capture knows exactly how to capture the data, ready for CAD import into GIS or digitise directly into customer systems from on-site or off-site.


Cad-Capture’s approach has already been tried-and-tested and meets the standards set by other major UK organisations, new business customers are not only exposed to less risk, but also benefit from Cad-Capture’s experience in respect of e.g. lessons learnt etc, resulting in a more productive, cost-effective and better quality of service.

Cad-Capture’s combination of tried-and-tested processes, infrastructure set-up, experience and specialist skills and techniques ensure significant value-added benefits and provides a compelling argument when differentiating Cad-Capture from other potential service providers.

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