Hazard Management

hazard-symbolsHazard is a powerful software utility to automatically map hazards on to drawings from an external data source. For example, Hazard can be used to process data from an external asbestos database and flag rooms containing asbestos with a particular risk value. Furthermore, data from the external asbestos database can be displayed in the drawing.

Hazard extends the functionality of AutoCAD by adding additional commands and requires a full working copy of AutoCAD prior to installation.

Hazard can use any symbol or icon to flag hazards in a drawing and different flags can be used to map different types of hazard.

Hazard can add, update and remove hazard flags from a drawing. Once a drawing contains hazard flags these may be repositioned to other parts of the drawing and the new positions can be maintained even when the database is updated.

Hazard Datasheet – Download

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