Intelligent CAD Files

OccupEye’s Unique Selling Point is the ability to produce intelligent plans that are fully compatible with a vast array of asset, facilities and property management systems.

We routinely work with users of the following packages:

  • Kykloud  
  • Planon
  • Atrium  
  • Concerto  
  • CIPFA  
  • Technology Forge
  • DeCAL
  • Tribal K2  
  • elf
  • Archibus
  • Micad
  • Other systems

What is an Intelligent CAD File?

A multilayered drawing where all your key asset data such as fire, lighting, power, mechanical and electrical information can be accessed with a click of a button.


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Key Benefits:

  • Attributed data can be exported and/or synchronised with a range of popular asset management software database systems   
  • Floor plans can be provided in both AutoCAD and Adobe PDF format, meaning that CAD and non-CAD users can enjoy the full benefits of attributed and layered drawings
  • Centralised reporting allows for consistency of data and updates relevant to all users
  • Combination of both spatial and occupier data allows for quick and easy space utilisation assessment
  • Layered and attributed specialist data allows single central floor plans to be used by multiple departments and stakeholders
  • OccupEye floor plans encapsulate BIM principles, making captured data more consistent, relevant and eminently usable


Take a look at our visual overview of the Intelligent CAD Files:


Video Overview

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