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assetcapture-screenshotOccupEye’s ‘Capture’ offering encompasses a range of data services and software utilities that, together, provide property professionals the most comprehensive and relevant data collection and management solution available today.

A data management company with almost a century of combined staff experience in Public and Private Sector Asset Management, OccupEye offers more than just expert efficiency in collecting & managing your crucial property data.

As our existing clients will testify, when you engage with OccupEye on a project, no matter how big or small, you are opening the door to a knowledge base and source of advice that truly does mark us out, as our tag-line suggests, as the data management experts.

The OccupEye Capture service can be broken down into four elements:

Consultancy > Data Capture > Process & Analysis > Maintenance


Our aim has never been to simply provide our clients with clean property data; we want to ensure that you get the maximum use from it too. A strategic and collaborative approach in planning can often avoid vast amounts of wasted time and money down the line. With our experience gained from working to a multitude of specific client needs (Education, Corporate, NHS, Police) and our expertise integrating data via intelligent CAD files with a variety of Asset/Facilities Management software systems, you can guarantee that we offer both sound and impartial advice.

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Data Capture

Scan | Walkthrough Verification Survey | Measured Building Survey | Condition Survey | Occupancy Survey | Furniture Survey | DDA Survey | Site Topographical Survey

A range of on-site property data collection services are available, all tailored to the specific requirements of the client. From measured building surveys capturing spatial data, through to condition surveys, utility meter readings and even staff head counts and furniture layouts. Quite simply, whatever the property data management requirement, we have solution. We pride ourselves on our knowledge and understanding of individual client needs, so whether your focus is educational suitability and sufficiency for schools, or a perhaps a corporate office accommodation rationalisation project, you can rest assured that we know exactly what you need.

Data Processing & Analysis

Intelligent CAD files | Occupancy Efficiency Assessment | School Sufficiency (Net Capacity) and Suitability Reporting

Once the accurate property asset data is in hand and quality-assured, the process of structuring it in the most relevant and usable format begins. From a data rich intelligent CAD file drawing of a primary school, to a full corporate property occupancy efficiency assessment (OEA) report, everything that we deliver is presented to offer the most efficient and relevant solution.


Walkthrough Verification Survey | Measured Building Survey | Intelligent CAD file Updates

An investment in collecting clean and accurate data can only continue to work for you in the long term if intelligent CAD files are properly maintained. With a range of maintenance options available, from walkthrough verification and update surveys, to desktop CAD drafting services, our aim is to ensure the ongoing consistency, quality and accuracy of your property data.


The Process


Any relevant media may be scanned, regardless of size, condition or format e.g. architectural drawings, block plans and microfilms etc. The scanned images can be saved to DVD/CD or a document management system, which can save on required storage space and retrieval time. OccupEye can assist you in the search for existing media.


The walkthrough service involves an on-site comparison with your existing media. Details such as room numbers, usage and minor modifications are recorded and incorporated into the intelligent CAD file.


OccupEye’s surveying services range from external and internal area surveys through to full measured building surveys, using laser measuring equipment. Any of these services can be specifically tailored to suit your requirements.


Utilising OccupEye’s unique OccupEye software, property data is automatically generated and CAD attribute blocks are inserted into each space. The overall process is significantly faster than normal CAD drafting procedures. This efficiency benefits you in terms of speed, accuracy, consistency and reduced cost. ISO layered intelligent CAD files are an invaluable resource for determining the current state of existing assets, as well as providing a single point of reference for future project planning and implementation. OccupEye Capture can also add intelligence to your existing CAD files improving integration with property management systems.


OccupEye offers comprehensive support and training to ensure you make best use of your intelligent CAD files.


Various levels of maintenance can be supplied. For example:

  • Annotated drawings are provided to OccupEye and the intelligent CAD file is updated and returned to you as a new revision
  • An annual or on-demand contract whereby OccupEye’s surveyors visit each site, record all changes and incorporate them into the intelligent CAD files


  • Custom CAD attribute blocks
  • Multi-language CAD attribute blocks
  • Suite analysis CAD attribute block generation
  • Room colour shading
  • Building surveys
  • Site plans
  • Floor plans
  • Elevations and sections
  • Suitability
  • Sufficiency
  • Condition
  • Occupancy
  • Disabled access
  • Digital photographs
  • Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs)
  • Display Energy Certificates (DECs)
  • Fire systems recording
  • Asbestos recording
  • Legionella recording
  • Hazard Management



For further information please view our OccupEye Capture Brochure – Download


DfE – Department for Education
DCSF – Department for Children, Schools and Families
DfES – Department for Education and Skills
DfEE – Department for Education and Employment

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