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Occupancy Efficiency Assessment

“OccupEye OEA in conjunction with detailed intelligent AutoCAD drawings has enabled the Council to undertake rapid occupancy evaluations. The speed of analysis, accuracy and presentation provide a powerful case for the move forward to effective space utilization.”

Brian Allan – Principal Asset Manager, Sunderland City Council


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As both local authorities and private business owners face increasing financial pressures in 2010, the need to ensure the efficient usage of property assets in terms of staff occupancy has never been greater.

Whether downsizing, restructuring, or simply just for peace of mind, more and more organisations are undertaking labour intensive, highly time-consuming and potentially extremely expensive occupancy efficiency assessments, through a justifiable necessity.

Born out of client need, and with OccupEye’s “can-do” innovative spirit burning as brightly as ever, OccupEye OEA was developed as an integrated, cost-effective solution to an ever increasing requirement that allows the customer to produce detailed reports on their property occupancy efficiency data, whilst retaining absolute control over every aspect of the process.

With OccupEye OEA at your fingertips, gone is the need to employ external consultants, gone is the need to commit internal resource to time-consuming and ultimately inaccurate new surveys, and gone are the days of guesswork and generalisation.

Completely user-manageable, OccupEye OEA allows the client to input bespoke efficiency data parameters before interrogating the intelligent CAD file in a matter of seconds and producing a number of detailed reports, presentable in various formats dependant on client preference.

Whether you require a spreadsheet with an accurate numeric breakdown of the occupancy efficiency data for every room in your property, or maybe prefer a more visually striking report by way of our unique “traffic-light” room shading system…OccupEye OEA provides all the answers to all of your questions regarding your property occupancy efficiency data, and best of all it offers you complete control and manageability every step of the way!

Why not get in touch today to find out how OccupEye OEA can benefit your organisation, as it already has for some of our existing valued clients…..

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