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With over 30 years’ experience, OccupEye is proud of its record in delivering Survey Solutions to both public and private sector clients, helping them to capture, integrate and assess crucial property data. OccupEye employs a combination of traditional and innovative survey technologies to provide our clients throughout the UK with the very best quality, value and functionality of products.

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At OccupEye, we believe every client is unique and will always endeavour to understand your specific requirements. This approach enables us to tailor our service and products accordingly to provide you with solutions ideally suited to your needs.

OccupEye’s long history of providing Survey Solutions means our surveyors have experience of working in every conceivable type of building and environment, including schools, offices, hospitals, universities, shops and even residential flats. As a result, our surveyors are always sensitive to your needs and the needs of property users.

Why clients prefer OccupEye?


    • Excellent Customer Service

      At OccupEye, we believe in going the extra mile for our clients. From start to finish, a dedicated project manager will act as a single point of contact and take full responsibility for the delivery of works, providing the very best in customer care. To speak to our friendly team, call our offices between 9.00am and 5.30pm (Monday – Friday).


    • Superior Quality

      OccupEye is committed to providing products and services of superior quality and technical excellence. Our Survey Solutions are undertaken with the latest and specialist equipment in order to produce the highest quality results.


    • Fast Turnaround

      Once we have fully understood your requirements and agreed on a specification to fulfill them, our specialist, dedicated and professional survey team will attend the site. Having collected the necessary data, OccupEye will then transform your property portfolio into bespoke and intelligent products that facilitate your organisation in achieving its goals.


  • Best Value

    OccupEye has surveyed in excess of 50,000,000m2 of property in the last decade and we firmly believe, based on our client feedback, that we offer the best value service available in the market!

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To take advantage of OccupEye’s Survey Solutions, please contact us using the form below and a member of our friendly team will go through your requirements and provide you with the best possible solution.

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Aerial Photography

High resolution 36 Megapixel aerial photography is a vital tool for accurately and quickly assessing roof condition of your property portfolio.

Asset Register

Collect data on all your assets so you can effectively plan the maintenance and servicing requirements of your estate.

Asset Tagging

Uniquely identify each asset with tags to link them with the data entries held in your Asset Register.

Condition Survey

Essential to understand what condition your building(s) or estate is currently in.

Elevation Survey

We use the latest scanning equipment to produce accurate and detailed elevation drawings.

Fire Asset Survey

Have your fire assets added into our intelligent attributed CAD files so you can quickly see where they are and aid your emergency planning.

Lease Plans

Scale drawings depicting leased areas, shared areas, rights of way, etc; all fully compliant with Land Registry requirements.

Measured Building Survey

Produce accurate and intelligent attributed CAD plans of your estate in either 2D or 3D, compatible with any asset management database.

Mechanical and Electrical Survey

Essential to understand what condition your M&E assets are currently in and plan accordingly.

Net Capacity

Complying with DfE guidelines, our net capacity calculations are eminently affordable, reliable, and necessary for planning school places.

O.S. (Site Plan) Survey

Produce accurate CAD plans of your estate’s sites, allowing you to plan their development / maintenance effectively.

OEA Survey

Occupancy Efficiency Assessments identify space that is under or over-utilised via automated software and enable clients to plan accordingly.

Topographical Surveys

Using the latest technology, we conduct Topographical Surveys to produce highly accurate and detailed CAD plans of your estate’s sites.

Utility Tracing

Accurate and detailed information about the quantity and location of sub-surface hazards and utilities; crucial for effective site planning

Walkthrough Survey

A cost-effective method of updating existing floor plans, walkthrough surveys are essential to keep your estate’s plans up to date.

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